What is MyCash?

MyCash is a mobile wallet that lets you have electronic cash available at your fingertips. Removing the need for a bank account, MyCash provides a way to make fast, reliable, safe, and convenient daily financial transactions – all at the convenience of your mobile phone. 
You can use the Digicel MyCash wallet to easily send and receive money across Fiji, receive money from overseas, buy Top Up for any Digicel prepaid phone, shop at merchants with QR pay, and even pay bills or make online payments!
Access your Digicel MyCash wallet service now via the MyCash app, or if you do not have a smartphone use the *888# USSD dial-in service.  By doing so, this gives you a new way of using cash safely, securely, and fast!

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Send Money
Top Up
Bill Pay

Send money easily to other MyCash users across the country.

Top Up other local Digicel users from your MyCash app.

Pay for items using your QR Code and transfer money fast, safe and conveniently.

Access your cash from your dedicated MyCash Agents across the country.

Pay your bills safely from the convenience of your own home.

Receive Money from Your Loved Ones Abroad

Your friends and family living anywhere around the world can send money directly into your Digicel MyCash wallet.  They can do this online easily with any of our International Money Transfer (IMT) partners:


Our partners


Special Partner Promotions
When your friends and family use Digicel International to send money, they can enjoy the first three sends to Fiji with NO FEES using code 3FREE.
When the money arrives into your Digicel MyCash wallet you will receive an SMS confirmation. Enter your personal PIN code to log into the MyCash app to view your balance available and you can use the money to:
Pay a bill
Make a purchase with MyCash QR Pay
Send money to another MyCash user anywhere in Fiji
Withdraw money or buy Digicel Top Up or Prime Bundle
*Rocket Remit is only able to send money directly from Australia to Fiji.
*Remitly is only able to send money directly from the United States of America and Australia to Fiji.
Click here for more information on International Money Transfers to MyCash.

How Do I Subscribe to MyCash?

Subscribing for MyCash is easy! All you simply need to do is to be a Digicel SIM holder and follow the steps below:

  1. Download the MyCash app from your Google Play Store on your Android smartphone or from the App Store on your iOS device.  If you have a feature phone dial *888# to access the USSD menu.
  2. Open the app, enter your phone number, and follow the steps in the screen
  3. If you are a new user, you will receive an SMS message with a verification code to enter into the MyCash app.
  4. You will receive a temporary PIN via SMS which you will use to log into the MyCash app and be prompted to enter a new personal 4-digit PIN.
  5. You are now ready to start using your MyCash mobile wallet! Visit your nearest Digicel Store or MyCash Agent to add funds and start using your wallet.


Why use MyCash?

With MyCash wallet, you can enjoy the following services:

  • Keep your money secure in your MyCash wallet with your personal PIN code
  • Deposit money in your MyCash wallet for free
  • Hold your money in your MyCash wallet at no cost
  • Send money to another MyCash user anywhere in Fiji at anytime
  • Buy Top Up in your MyCash wallet for any prepaid Digicel number
  • Pay for bills or make remote payments
  • Use MyCash QR Pay at merchants
  • Receive international money transfers from overseas in your MyCash wallet